Early Learners

Early Learners are saying “good-bye” to babyhood and striving towards independence.

Early Learners

2 - 3 years

Daily Schedule

Two Year Old and Three Year Old Preschool Daily Schedule

Starting this fall, our educational child care program launches a new and exciting schedule allowing each child to rotate classes throughout the school each day. Unlike a standard day care, we work to make sure your child is intellectually stimulated throughout the day with a schedule that keeps them entertained while also preparing them to move on to preschool and pre-kindergarten. You won’t find any other school with the STAR program where each two and three year old preschooler has dedicated time each day focusing on:


Two Year Old & Three Year Old Preschool Schedule

  1. Arrival
  2. Child’s Choice – Learning Centers
  3. Snack
  4. Circle Time
  5. Spanish
  6. Outdoor Recreation (P.E.)
  7. SMART™ Board/Computer Lab
  8. Lunch
  9. Story Time
  10. Rest Time/Quiet Time
  11. Snack Time
  12. Art & Music
  13. Recess
  14. Child’s Choice – Learning Centers

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