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My daughter attended this preschool last year. She is now in kindergarten and I am amazed at how much this school prepared her for the transition and how much she seems to already know from her time at Phoenix. Not only is the educational program excellent but the teachers and staff are so loving and caring. It is exactly what my daughter needed and what has helped her be successful in kindergarten.

Kelcey Hamilton Rae 5 stars - Excellent

We are so pleased to be a part of Laguna West-Phoenix School. My son loves going there to learn new things and play with his friends. He really enjoys signing songs, doing arts and crafts and learning how to write his alphabet. He is always so excited to tell me what he and his friends learned from his teacher each day. He has flourished so much since being there while learning and experiencing new things and creating great friendships. The teachers and staff are amazing and it makes me feel good knowing when I drop him off he is in excellent hands.

Allison F.

My daughter has been attending The Phoenix Schools on I street since she was 11 months old. She is now almost 4years old. The I street school is a wonderful school. As a parent it is important to know that your child and or children are well taken care. I have full confidence and have been very pleased with the care my daughter has received. The staff is well trained teachers and the Director and Assistant Director are wonderful to work with. I street genuinely cares for each and every student and family that attends the school. I highly recommend The Phoenix Schools on I street.

Natasha P.

“The last place you’ll need to look” – Phoenix Schools at Broadstone

We started looking for a preschool when our daughter was four years old and we were feeling that it was time to broaden her experiences and increase her opportunities for socialization and educational development. Phoenix Schools at Broadstone fit the bill exactly. They have a very interactive program for the kids and the teachers and staff are fun and energetic.

We were looking for a program that would make learning fun for our daughter and give her the opportunity to advance intellectually and socially at her own pace. We have watched over the past three years as she has developed real friendships with playmates, overcome the hesitations of trying new things, learned to read, do math and speak without fear in front of groups.

When we had the decision to send her to kindergarten in our public school system; a system that has been recognized for outstanding performance, we decided to keep her at Phoenix based upon the recommendations of other parents we knew. The kindergarten program with Miss Josie and Miss Angela has absolutely lived up to the hype. It has been fantastic! Our daughter loves going to school. She has learned about more than just reading, writing and math. They do art projects and science experiments and go on super-cool field trips that give them the opportunity to learn about the work other people do.

Beyond the classrooms, the staff at Phoenix provides a multitude of opportunities for further interactions. They produce a great annual winter show where all of the kids get the chance to be on stage. They have special events with holiday themes like the Halloween Trunk or Treat and the 4th of July Parade around the playground. The school coordinates photo sessions with professional photographers, offers dance, yoga and soccer as extracurricular activities just to name a few.
You can tell that other parents feel as good about Phoenix as we do when you see how many of them participate in the events, volunteer their (our) time to be part of the experience.

We love that it is absolutely acceptable and encouraged for parents to come into classes during the day to help out and interact with the kids. Miss Sandra, the School Director and Miss Rene manage the school with smiles on their faces and are always willing to listen to suggestions or simply have a pleasant morning conversation.
It will be a sad day when our daughter finishes her time at Phoenix, but we look forward to enrolling our newborn daughter there. It will another six years of fun, learning and growing. Sandra and her staff at Phoenix are part of our family and we feel that we are part of theirs.

Tom D.

I can’t begin to express my gratitude for Ms. Pam Pam. She’s an amazing woman who obviously loves what she does and provides a nurturing and educational environment for the children she cares for. When Dillon first moved to Barnyard he had a hard time transitioning, but she provided lots of patience and love . .. to Dillon and his mommy!! Her support during this time allowed us both to get through a difficult time!! I am so thankful for the encouraging notes she wrote on his progress during the transition and then the continuing periodic notes on how he was developing and growing. It’s always so nice to get a glimpse of his day and hear how he’s doing. Now that we’re transitioning to the next class, she’s once again there to make things easier and provide support to Dillon and Mommy!! She goes above and beyond in everything she does to make sure her children are happy and safe. What a gift for parents to know their child is in such loving, nurturing, caring hands. Thank you Ms. Pam Pam!!

Tricia W.

As a parent, there is nothing better than knowing your child is safe and in good hands. The staff at The Phoenix Schools – 625 Roseville Galleria ensures us that we never have to worry about our child’s happiness and safety. He is dropped off and picked up with a smile on his face. The toddler teachers show a genuine enthusiasm for their roles, and the impact that they have made on our son’s life thus far is just wonderful. He is developing so well and we really do credit much of that to the great care and attention that receives at 625 Roseville Galleria Center; he has been healthier at this center since we switched centers earlier in the year. Our son gets such a good range of activities and stimulation at the center from sensory activities, reading, computer activities, indoor and outside play. The teachers and the center’s administrator are very caring and flexible to us as parents as well, they are genuinely a wonderful and caring group of people, and the administrators always have a smile as they greet us every day. We feel fortunate to have a center like this for our son. Thanking you Jitendar & Harpal S. Chadda

Jitendar C.

My daughter has been attending Phoenix school in Roseville Ca. for four consecutive years. Words can’t express how pleased we have been with this school. Her teachers throughout the years have had outstanding communication skills and truly care about each child that attends. I’m very sad to say this is our last year with the Phoenix school in Roseville. My daughter will be making the move to kindergarten in the fall and I’m confidant this will be a smooth transition for her due to the pre-kindergarten activities she has participated in throughout this school year. The director, assistant director, teachers, curriculum, cleanliness and professionalism that comes from Phoenix in Roseville amazes me.

I’m so happy to have chosen this school as my daughters second home for the past four years. Thank you for everything you have taught our child!

Leah P.

My husband and I LOVE the Phoenix Schools for our 2 year old because first of all it is extremely clean, nice people in the front office, and the teachers are GREAT. Our son cried at his other school when we would drop him off, but he NEVER cries now. He gets there in the morning and goes straight to his teacher. We also really love it because they really assist in the potty training process. Also we LOVE the fact that they are a secured facility. No one can get in and the little cannot get out. I love the fact that we have to put in a code just to get in the building!

Allsion V.

We have been going to Phoenix since my 6 year old was 3 months old and last year, our second daughter started when she was 3 months old as well. Katy and all the teachers we have worked with during our time at Phoenix have been warm and welcoming to our children, and flexible with us to accommodate changing schedules when necessary. The teachers are in tune with our kids needs and communicative with us about their progress or if something out of the ordinary came up during the day. Phoenix is great, I drop my kids off in the morning with smiles on their faces excited to start the day and we have complete peace of mind knowing that they are in good hands while we are at work.

Nicole P.

They truly care about the kids!!

Perry R. 5 stars - Excellent

From day one, the decision to put my son in The Phoenix Preschool has been one of the best decisions I have made. From the amazing, friendly staff that really feel more like part of the family to the smile on my little guys face every day as he tells me what he learned at school and the fun activities he participated in. Phoenix Schools never disappoints. I know when he is at at school, he couldn’t be in better hands.

One Very Grateful Mama

As a very fond grandmother, I would like to express my appreciation to all of the personnel at our school site. How can I begin to express our thanks for the dedication, patience, as well as, the pride and professionalism that is demonstrated by all the staff members. We have enjoyed the interaction between all the folks that have come and gone in the last five years. Katie and her family have thoroughly enjoyed all of them, and will be very sorry to be leaving the Phoenix Program. There will always be a very special place in our hearts for every one of your school staff members.

Dennis and Shirley M.

We would like to let everyone know that we have been incredibly impressed with the quality of childcare provided here and truly appreciate the creativity and enthusiasm shown by all every single day.

We’re especially glad Maija was able to attend the preschool graduation ceremony – which was absolutely amazing and something we’ ll always remember.

We will continue to give Phoenix our highest recommendations and look forward to taking advantage of drop-in times next summer.

Laura M.

As a parent, I entrust my “babies” to the amazing ladies of this school. This staff has been second mommies to my children for several years. I am truly grateful for how they have gone above and beyond for my kids on a daily basis. In today’s world it is top priority of mine to feel that my children are safe and secure while I am away from them. I truly believe this wonderful facility is meeting that need. They snuggle my children when they are sad, help them problem solve when needed, create an engaging learning environment for them to thrive in and all with smiles on their faces. I am beyond grateful to The Phoenix Preschool staff in helping raise my children!

The Castro Family

Thank you for all you do each and every day for Megan and all of the Phoenix children.

We are grateful for your support and dedication. The entire team at Phoenix has been so great to our family which has made our transition from Arizona to California so much easier than we expected. You guys truly rock – You’re the best!

Much gratitude and many, many, many thanks!

The Coady Family

My name is Regina and I was given your contact information from Miss Jackie from the Phoenix school. She said you will be bringing your new baby to the daycare and that you wanted to get some parent testimonials.

My daughter has been with Phoenix since she was 3 months old (she is 4 years now) and she has had a wonderful experience being in the daycare. It was very “nerve racking” to look for a place that would take care of my first-born child, but I can honestly say that the Phoenix daycare has done a fantastic job in easing my worries.

The teachers were all so welcoming to both her and me. About 1.5 months before I returned to work, I visited the daycare and hung out with her and the teachers in the infant room on a weekly basis. This was truly beneficial for me and helped me with the transition of leaving her at the daycare when I started work. Plus it was nice to see how they interacted with her.

They kept in contact with me if they had questions or updates on how she was doing. And in the beginning I visited the daycare during my lunch hour to check on her, and I would hang out in the infant room….the teachers welcomed me in with open arms so I never felt like I couldn’t visit.

Also my daughter was particularly fickle when it came to taking a bottle, but the teachers were very patient with her and tried their best to feed her….my daughter can be quite stubborn at times!

She has grown up and developed into an amazing little pre-schooler and I am thankful for the daycare’s help with her progress and growth. My husband and I are very happy with our decision to bring her to Phoenix.

I hope this email helps a little to ease your worries about bringing your child there. I’m sure you will be happy with the experience…we truly enjoy it; in fact, we’ll be bringing our 2nd baby (due this August) to Phoenix as well! Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions. Look forward to your joining the Phoenix family.


I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for giving Daunte “Deuce” Garrett a wonderful first time preschool experience. Although he will no longer be attending Phoenix preschool because I have finished school, we really enjoyed the time that he has had there. He has been at home with either myself, my husband or family his entire life and I was nervous about placing him in childcare. I literally looked at very preschool center within a 15 minute drive from my house and did not find anything that I was completely satisfied with. When I came to Phoenix I was amazed at all the different programs and opportunities that the children had access to, but at that time I was not willing to pay that much for tuition because it was too much for our family budget. But after coming to visit, you guys sent me the one day free play day and my intentions was that I was going to use it for the one day and that was it. But when I came to bring Deuce in, I noticed for the first time, after visiting all the preschools in the area, this was the first time that the 2 year old teachers REALLY loved what they were doing and loved the children. Ms. Debbie was so playful and happy when each child came in, she really showed in every way that she enjoyed working with the kids, playing with the kids and making sure that all of their needs were taken care of No matter how messy the job got, she did it with a smile on her face and cheer in her voice. Ms. Pam Pam made me feel 100% comfortable with leaving my son for the first time. She showed Deuce affection and love in a way that I didn’t expect anyone to. She cared for him in a manner that I would care for him. She kept him clean and gave him hugs and kisses when he needed the comfort. Every time I came to pick Deuce up, she made sure that he was always clean and informed me how his day went. Whenever I had concerns, she handled the situation immediately and gave me suggestions on how to work with Deuce at home. I always tell people that if it was not for the way Ms. Pam Pam took such wonderful care of my baby on that free play day he would not have been in preschool because I was not yet comfortable sending him to preschool because all the other centers were disorganized, the teachers worked like they were just there to get a pay check, but it was different at Phoenix in the 2 year old classroom. I can’t stress enough how important it was to me that I felt that the teachers enjoyed their job and at this school, I found that. They were organized, pleasant, worked really well with each other and were excited every morning about the activities and projects that they had planned out for the children. Our family would like to thank Phoenix preschool, Ms. Pam Pam and Ms. Debbie for a wonderful first time experience. And Deuce will greatly miss you guys.

Tiffani G.

Thank you so much for providing a second home for Dillon & Connor for the last seven years. So many of you have played such a large part in their lives. You’ve taught them their Baby Signs, phonics, Open Court, etc. You’ve also taught them respect and kindness to others and how to make good decisions. You’ve given them an abundance of patience and love. You have offered support, encouragement, and advise to mom and dad … not to mention peace of mind that our sons were in loving hands.

You are an amazing group of people and I hope you know how many lives you’ve touched and made such a difference in those lives. We will miss you all so much.

The Wills

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