Our Programs

Exceptional childcare and early educational programs for children 6 weeks - 12 years old.

The first five years of life hold limitless opportunities for growth and learning. Our flexible curriculum and dedicated teachers work hand-in-hand to create unique learning experiences for each child, which allows us to keep your child smiling, laughing, and loving the process of learning!

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Infant Care

6 weeks – 1 year

Our professional and nurturing caregivers rock, cuddle, coo, read, and sing to your infant, keeping them engaged with activities that make your baby comfortable and happy while also ensuring progress toward crucial developmental milestones.

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Toddler Care

1 - 2 years

rom our interactive classrooms to our exciting activities, we provide ample opportunities for your toddler to explore, discover, and learn.

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Early Learners

2 – 3 years

Our early childhood learning program is designed to fill your youngster’s world with excitement and wonder while also keeping him or her on track to meet important educational milestones.

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3 – 4 years

Each and every day, we engage three- and four-year-olds in fun, research-based activities that help the billions of cells in their brains make the tens of thousands of connections necessary for healthy cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical growth.

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Kindergarten Club

4 - 5 years

Kindergarten Club is designed to help our students become more comfortable with the transition into kindergarten, fine-tune the skills necessary to enter elementary school, and celebrate this special milestone.

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4 - 5 years

In addition to advancing our four- and five-year-olds’ reading, math, science, and critical thinking skills, we also provide them with numerous opportunities to develop socially and emotionally.

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5 - 6 years

The Phoenix Schools provides its kindergarteners with all the tools necessary to excel: educated and experienced teachers, small class populations, and developmentally directed activities.

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Before & After Care

Kindergarten – 12 years

In our before and after school program, kids catch up with their friends or on homework after they finish their day at elementary school.