Early Learners

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Early Learners

Age Range:
2 – 3 years
Areas of Learning:

Cognitive & Social Development

Potty Training


At two and three years old, young children are on the move and soaking up the world around them! The Phoenix Schools early childhood learning program is chock full of fun learning games and active curriculum to engage and stimulate young minds. Curiosity is rampant at this age, and our experienced teachers effectively guide your little one toward constant educational advancement while having tons of fun. Our early learner program cultivates physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development in every radiant child!

Our Early Learners Are Constantly Growing & Exploring

Our early childhood education program nurtures the whole child. Building on skills learned in our infant daycare and toddler education programs, this age-appropriate curriculum continues to prepare children for a thriving educational career and lifelong success, starting with active play! Your child’s daily routine involves a number of learning experiences in a small classroom setting. Every day features fun exercises like arts and crafts, language development, rhyming and counting, and imaginative play. Developmental activities include:

  • Love of Literacy: Our teachers read to your child regularly, instilling an early love for language and story, while also establishing a robust vocabulary. We have plenty of age-appropriate books in our playroom so your little learner is surrounded by rich story material to choose from!
  • Spanish Language: Learning a second language early puts any child at an advantage. That’s why we include Spanish language in our literacy curriculum, introducing vocabulary words and phrases through lively school and home activities—enriching your child’s overall understanding of language and communication.
  • Questions & Answers: Your inquisitive little one loves to ask questions, especially “why,” “what,” and “how” questions. And our teachers love to provide answers! Early learners at The Phoenix Schools are given lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement as they build their knowledge base of the world.
  • Essential Skills: At this stage of cognitive development, it’s a perfect time to introduce and reinforce foundational skills like counting, rhyming, shapes, colors, and more. Your child learns to identify and name basic principles, ideas, and concepts with ease.
  • Fun with Fitness: Healthy minds and healthy bodies are what we’re all about at The Phoenix Schools! We forge positive connections with food and exercise for all our little ones, promoting lifelong fitness habits.

Skill Development

  • Cognitive: With a variety of stimulating activities to keep any toddler busy learning, The Phoenix Schools early childhood learning program targets brain development in two- and three-year-olds, ensuring that no grey matter goes dormant at this stage! Regular critical thinking activities throughout the day include counting, reading, identifying, and talking.
  • Socio-Emotional: Kids this age are constantly interacting with adults and other children, and it’s important to provide positive role modeling and guidance. Our responsive caregivers model appropriate behavior and teach emotional regulation so that long-lasting interpersonal skills can take root.
  • Physical: Toddlers learn by doing! In a continually supervised environment, your child learns to feel confident in his or her own body. Hand-eye coordination and motor skills are playfully developed through fun times like jumping, dancing, scribbling, tossing a ball, and more.
  • Self-Esteem: Your little one is developing into an autonomous individual, and we encourage all children to be confident in themselves. We strengthen individual interests, provide positive feedback, and champion independent decision making. Our child-friendly classrooms allow for children to choose their toys and clean up after themselves, a process made easy through low, open shelving.
  • Potty Training: Every child transitions out of diapers at his or her own speed, and The Phoenix Schools teachers are compassionately there for support and guidance.

Give Your Child an Early Head Start

While you’re away from your child, you want the best care for your precious one. The Phoenix Schools early education primes the brain for future educational achievement while properly socializing children and laying a strong foundation for success and happiness throughout life. Why not give your young one the gift of holistic child care and the advantage of an early education that will set him or her up to be ahead of the curve? 82% of the brain develops in the first three years of life, and we are passionate about nourishing every child’s mind, body, and spirit in our vibrant early education program.[1]

[1] http://www.ccfc.ca.gov/parents/learning-center.aspx