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Age Range:
5 - 6 years
Areas of Learning:

Mastering Math

Science & Nature

Computers & Technology

Kindergarten Curriculum

If you are invested in giving your child a leg up in the world, enrolling your little one in a private kindergarten program at The Phoenix Schools is a surefire way to build constructive habits, attitudes, and skills that last well into adult life. Our small classrooms and compassionate teachers make this first step into primary education a magical, enriching time, while enforcing the essential logical and critical thinking skills that are necessary for success in school.

In our kindergarten curriculum, your child is exposed to 1st grade concepts, setting him or her well ahead of the curve. While academic proficiency is one primary focus, we evenly prioritize social, emotional, and physical growth. No area of early childhood development goes neglected in our fun, inspirational, and encouraging kindergarten classrooms—where children are imprinted with a deep love of learning that stays!

Enrichment for Life

The dedicated resources at The Phoenix Schools create an educational experience that is unparalleled by other kindergarten classrooms. Every day is an adventure for kids as they romp, play, and learn in multiple hands-on environments. Positive reinforcement from our caring teachers serves to boost confidence and enhance learning, and kids love expanding their knowledge through our interactive games, activities, and exercises.

Our private kindergarten curriculum is based on years of research and experience, so we effectively target and develop the areas of the brain that are especially lit up during this stage of childhood, including emotional regulation and socialization, which are insightfully modeled and guided by our loving teachers. Our developmental activities include:

  • Language & Literacy: The Phoenix Schools kindergarten program emphasizes a deeply positive association with language, reading, writing and storytelling. Early reading and writing skills take root through our daily reading activities, interactive story time, and writing tutelage. Immersed in words and letters, reading and writing become a natural part of a flourishing education.
  • Math & Manipulatives: An early love for math is essential for later success with numbers and concepts, and we provide plenty of opportunities for kids to learn the joy of mathematics. Through categorizing, comparing, and counting, kids see that math is fun! With the helpful guidance of our teachers, kindergarteners practice numerical activities for future mastery.
  • Dramatic Play: Imagination and creativity are not superfluous skills at The Phoenix Schools private kindergarten! Increasingly, invention and innovation are necessary for success in the modern world, and we view imagination as a key component of overall academic well being. This holistic philosophy guides our fun-filled activities, in which we encourage kids to act out stories, dress up as characters, envision new worlds, and generally explore the joy of abstract thought—essentially strengthening neural pathways that enrich all other areas of learning.
  • Spanish & Sign Language: Great communication is an essential life skill, and in our private kindergarten, children receive the advantage of learning second and even third languages. Our Spanish language program continues in kindergarten, allowing kids to deepen their understanding of Spanish vocabulary, as well as speaking and listening skills. Our fantastic sign language program introduces children to another way of communicating, as well, creating a rich web of language for kids to explore—widening their awareness of the world in special, enriching ways.
  • Science & Nature: Children love to learn about nature and science! The Phoenix Schools private kindergarten introduces the thrill of science to kids, teaching them how to observe, question, test, and draw conclusions about phenomena in nature. Little scientists have a blast building a logical framework of thinking.
  • Computers & Technology: No child at The Phoenix Schools private kindergarten leaves without age-appropriate computer proficiency. Technology advances at such a rapid pace, and we know it’s important for kids to be comfortable working on computers on a regular basis. That’s why we set aside time for skills practice in our computer room every day, where kids enjoy reinforcing concepts through digital games and activities.
  • Music & Movement: With any academically rigorous program your child will encounter now or in the future, it’s important not to lose sight of a balanced life, rich with love, laughter, and movement. We imprint a strong sense of well being in our kids through regular music, movement, and dance—highlighting the physical, emotional, and cognitive benefits of feeling good.

Our Kindergarten Philosophy

  • Individualized Attention: One major benefit to private kindergarten at The Phoenix Schools is the guarantee that every day your child is receiving the love, attention, and specialized guidance that he or she needs to truly blossom. A small teacher-student ratio allows for lots of one-on-one time, and our certified teachers nurture kids into the best that they can be.
  • Parent-Teacher Partnership: This is an active time for the whole family, as your little kindergartener is developing a strong personality, cultivating interests, and learning constantly. We make sure to involve parents in everything we do, providing progress reports and holding regular meetings, so we all are working together to foster your child’s best path forward.
  • Special Events: Throughout the school year, The Phoenix Schools hosts special events for the whole family! See our calendar for details.
  • Homemade Meals: A nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included in tuition, home cooked by our wonderful chefs. At The Phoenix Schools, we nourish the mind and body of all our little learners!

Sparking Educational Success

In our private kindergarten, your kid’s days are chock full of active learning and constant growth! After graduating, your young one will be fully prepared to enter 1st grade. We know you want the best for your precious one, and by agreeing to your child’s best future with private kindergarten, you are investing in many future years of ease. The benefits—academically, socially, and emotionally—of private kindergarten are multifold and deeply significant to lifelong success and happiness. Our skilled teachers, personalized care, excellent curriculum, and constant communication help make the transition from daycare to elementary school smooth and joyful. In our private kindergarten program, you can be sure that your kindergartener receives the full, individualized education he or she needs to thrive in early childhood and beyond!