Summer Camp

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Summer Camp

Age Range:
Kindergarten – 12 years
Areas of Learning:

Science & Nature

Communication Skills

Physical Education

Active minds, healthy bodies, new experiences, meaningful friendships—all these elements and more make The Phoenix Schools summer camp an ideal place for your child to spend their days out of school. Our phenomenally fun summer programs keep the spark of adventure alive while ensuring that good academic habits don’t fade away. With action-packed field trips, group activities like swimming and playing sports, discovery time in nature, and a variety of interest-based opportunities, kids bring home tons of lively memories to share with you. Our summer camp invites children aged 5 through 12 to make the most of summer with us!

Summer Camp: An Opportunity to Grow, Play and Learn

Your school-aged child is now officially in grade school and has been introduced to the academic system. We make sure the essential skills learned in each grade don’t disappear during the break—through dedicated reading time, skills enforcement, math and science centers, and interactive group learning sessions. However, summer should still be fun! We make sure kids have a blast with plenty of time to play games, hang with friends, romp outdoors, and try fun new activities with our energetic instructors. It’s the right balance of ensuring academic competency while opening doors to unknown possibilities of joy and delight in the off-season! Some of our activities include:

  • Field Trips: Our summer camp adventures take your child outside of his or her regular routine and introduce all sorts of great places to explore! Supervised field trips allow growing minds to learn about the bigger world and their role in it. Kids love the exciting element of travel, and we love expanding their worlds one magnificent expedition at a time!
  • Nature Adventures: Kids learn a lot in a classroom, but they get real-world, hands-on experience with our adventures in nature. Grab the magnifying glass and take a peek at what the earth has to offer—that’s the name of the game with our intriguing science lessons. We take students outdoors and guide them through enthralling interactions with the natural environment, an experience that transforms and uplifts!
  • Active Fun: Summertime naturally jumpstarts tons of energy in school-aged children, and we happily channel all that rambunctiousness into physical exercise that’s fulfilling and fun. Sports, dance, swimming, and playing abound in our summer camp, ensuring they keep moving and keep busy—a prominent attribute of consistent well being.
  • Reading Time: During the summer, we create comfortable space for regular reading time for all grade levels. Our learning centers are stocked with books on diverse subjects so there’s something for everyone. A love of learning is a primary component of our educational model, so at The Phoenix Schools summer camp reading isn’t a chore. On top of keeping the brain active in between school sessions, reading is a great relaxing pastime for kids to decompress after all the other activity of the day!
  • Community Events: We promote the idea that children in our care will grow into responsible community and world citizens. To that effect, we facilitate interactions with our local community, from meeting professionals to taking field trips to local businesses and hosting special events for the whole family. At The Phoenix Schools, community is vital to the success of our student body, and we love fostering these important connections.
  • Healthy Habits: There are so many different ways to live life, and our philosophy at The Phoenix Schools emphasizes regular daily nutrition and exercise. Healthy eating habits can be cultivated from an early age, and we take great strides to impress a sense of agency and nutrition in our school-aged children. From the fresh meals and snacks we provide during the day to nutrition lessons, recipes, and cooking classes, our health-based curriculum paves the way for lifelong healthy habits to take root.

Magical Memories for Life!

Your kids will remember their happy days at The Phoenix Schools summer camp for years to come! This is where friendships form, where passions are discovered, where educational skills progress—all in a secure, supervised environment where spirited instructors lead kids of all interests toward a more fulfilling future every day. The Phoenix Schools delights in providing daily rewarding experiences for kids in between the academic school year. Their satisfied smiles are evidence enough of how worthwhile it is for kids to keep busy, to keep learning, and to keep socializing through the long, hot days of summer. Summer break couldn’t be more fun!