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Age Range:
4 - 5 years
Areas of Learning:

Language & Literacy

Computers & Technology


Enrolling your child in pre-kindergarten may be one of the best gifts you can give during early childhood. Research shows that the academic rigors of kindergarten have increased over the years, and over 200,000 children repeat kindergarten annually.[1] In The Phoenix Schools pre-kindergarten program, school readiness is our priority, but like all our child care programs, we help your child achieve his or her age-appropriate goals through playing, laughing, and exploring! Introducing and reinforcing academic concepts is paired with positive socialization, healthy emotional regulation, and active movement throughout the day, so your little one is confident and relaxed upon entering grade school.

Setting the Stage for Success

Studies show that children who complete a pre-kindergarten program generally show greater cognitive improvement and more success later on in life than those who do not.[2] The brain is growing so rapidly at this stage of life that it’s important to keep young children active and constantly stimulated. At The Phoenix Schools, we apply our early childhood philosophy to our pre-kindergarten program wholeheartedly: provide a safe, exciting environment for kids to flourish, and expertly guide each individual child gently toward steady, healthy growth that will last a lifetime. Our skilled teachers prepare children to enter kindergarten with ease. Our developmental activities include:

  • Academic Challenges: During this period of constant cognitive development, we prime your child for his or her academic future by incorporating school lessons into each day’s schedule. We teach math, science, literary, and social science subjects at an age-appropriate level so that your child feels great while learning. Our research-based curriculum exceeds minimal expectations for achievement, and fosters lifelong critical thinking skills.
  • Hands-On Exploration: Kids love to get their hands dirty and their feet wet, and we believe in encouraging tactile experiences of the world for a deeper understanding of important concepts. We enhance our academic lessons through opportunities to investigate, explore, ask questions, and engage with the material in meaningful, exciting ways.
  • Vocabulary Expansion: A strong vocabulary does more than impress: the more words your child knows, the bigger his or her world will be. Our skilled teachers are constantly interacting with children to spark curiosity and expand awareness. Listening activities help children grasp ideas from the larger world with interest and confidence.
  • Reading & Writing: Core concepts of reading and writing are reinforced regularly so that your child can master these skills at his or her own pace with lots of support from nurturing staff. Our learning centers are focused on literacy, and we provide lots of special activities to increase familiarity with the alphabet, printing, sight words, and early writing.
  • Spanish Language: All children in our daycare programs enjoy the benefit of second language instruction, and in pre-kindergarten, this education continues with listening and speaking activities in Spanish that are both concentrated and sprinkled throughout daily lessons.
  • Fun with Fitness: Healthy habits can never be learned too soon, and an important part of all our child care programs is fitness. We believe in helping the whole child develop fully, so that’s why we include recipes, nutrition, exercise, and health in our regular curriculum—lessons that will carry on long into adulthood for greater well being overall.
  • Computer Savvy: In today’s fast-paced world, it’s imperative that children learn how to effectively engage with technology at an early age. We integrate technology into our daily schedules, allowing children to practice their math, science, social studies, and literary lessons on computers.

A Well-Rounded Pre-Kindergarten Education

While school readiness is important, it doesn’t mean we sacrifice other core life skills for academic preparation. Rather, we build on everything your child has learned so far, and gradually increase those skills and abilities. While your child is developing cognitively, we also foster the other important aspects of growth: social development, emotional resilience, and physical aptitude.

  • Early Mastery: One of the best things about The Phoenix Schools Pre-K education is how children respond so positively when allowed the chance to blossom. Every child is naturally primed to develop to his or her potential, and by nurturing your kid’s talents and abilities, he or she learns to feel a sense of pride and mastery in those special achievements. This builds a strong foundation for even more complex skills to develop.
  • Continued Confidence: We stress individuality and independence in all our child care programs, and at this age, young kids are constantly learning about themselves and their own personality and interests. The Phoenix Schools teachers lovingly prompt children to feel good about themselves as they learn to make more and more decisions on their own and with ease.
  • Emotional Growth: The early years are often fraught with strong emotions, and our skilled caregivers expertly lead children toward healthy self-regulation. The patience and insight with which our teachers show children how to behave last well into later life, producing well adjusted, happy young kids.
  • Peer to Peer: One major advantage of a pre-kindergarten program is the natural socialization that occurs. Our small classroom settings allow lots of individual attention from teachers. Early friendships organically form. With the adept support of our instructors, children learn how to express themselves with each other, forge positive bonds, and resolve conflicts productively.
  • Healthy Body: Academic success often relies on a strong basis of self-care. The Phoenix Schools emphasizes daily healthy habits for a healthy body and active mind. Children learn that it is natural and good to take care of themselves physically, an attitude that serves them long into the future.

A Love of Learning that Lasts a Lifetime

We all want our children to do well in school, make friends, be healthy, and enjoy life to the fullest. Where do these tendencies begin? Oftentimes, early childhood sets the stage for patterns throughout life. While it’s possible to rewire negative patterns, it’s much more desirable to simply create positive habits from the beginning. Investing in your child’s future starts with The Phoenix Schools daycare programs, where our pre-kindergarten curriculum nurtures the whole child while ensuring kindergarten readiness. We offer the absolute highest quality pre-kindergarten education, and we are so proud to be able to prepare so many children for a life of health, happiness, and success.