Toddler Care

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Toddler Care

Age Range:
1 - 2 years
Areas of Learning:

Baby Signs®

Social Development

Creative Development

By the time your little one is a toddler, he or she has experienced a year of the world already, and is constantly growing, learning and moving! At The Phoenix Schools, we provide safe, stimulating child care to carry your child through the “terrific twos” with ease and grace. Our toddler daycare program is focused on encouraging positive socialization, developing motor skills, teaching language, and allowing your child to explore the world while having tons of fun. Our research-based toddler care is specially developed to help children in this age range progress into early childhood as confident, independent little learners.

A Lifelong Love of Learning

At The Phoenix Schools, we incorporate fun into every aspect of learning! Because these early formative years are so important to lifelong cognitive and socio-emotional development, we use active learning techniques to engage the whole child. Our passionate caregivers effectively direct your toddler’s seemingly boundless energy into fun, educational exercises that keep every child moving, laughing, and soaking up knowledge. Some of our developmental activities include:

  • Active Communication: Developing language skills is essential for lifelong success, so that’s why we talk, talk, talk all day long with your tot! We engage every little one in conversation, encouraging toddlers to express their wants and needs in appropriate ways, encouraging productive socialization with teachers and peers.
  • Baby Signs®: Because every young child learns to talk at his or her own pace, we’ve developed a special sign language program for pre-language children, so that talking doesn’t have to be a barrier to communication. Little ones benefit from signing their feelings to caregivers, enhancing secure attachment and emotional fulfillment.
  • Discovery Time: Playtime at The Phoenix Schools is a blast! Imagination leads the way in our creative learning centers, where toddlers have lots of space to explore their budding interests. Toys, blocks, puzzles, art, props, and more are at your toddler’s disposal as he or she plays, learns, and discovers so much every day!
  • Early Learning: At The Phoenix Schools, we believe that opportunities for learning are all around us at every age. Our theme-based curriculum meets toddlers at their level of development, priming the brain for future education with age-appropriate activities involving colors, language, shapes, critical thinking skills, and more.

Your Toddler’s Development

Independence: Your toddler’s independence is budding at this stage so we encourage autonomous decision making in order to foster a sense of confidence in young children. Toddlers learn to choose their own toys, dress themselves, and make their own decisions throughout the day, helping them forge an early sense of identity.

  • Socialization: Interacting with peers is an important advantage of toddler daycare because your little one has the chance to engage with other kids of the same age. Our experienced teachers help guide socialization as your tot bonds in early friendships!
  • Safety First: Our attentive caregivers supervise every activity throughout the day, so your child has ample room to explore and play in a safe, secure environment.
  • Brain Training: Our mentally stimulating activities create a strong cognitive foundation in toddlers, priming the brain to stay elastic as the educational journey continues.
  • Active Play: Toddlers are gaining a sense of their own physical abilities during this time, and we actively encourage proper motor development through fun group exercises like music, dancing, and games. We continue to cultivate an attitude of fitness and health by sending home activities and recipes for the whole family!
  • Preparing for Potty Training: Every toddler reaches the important stage of potty training at his or her own pace, and at The Phoenix Schools, we are there for every child when the time is right to move out of diapers. Our caregivers work with parents to best support children during this transition.

Our Philosophy

The first three years of a child’s life are essential to proper brain development, socialization and emotional regulation![1] The worst thing for a child during these formative years is to be ignored and neglected, or not properly engaged with the world. At The Phoenix Schools, we fill every day with fun and learning, ensuring that your child is progressing brightly through early childhood. Toddler daycare provides the structure, freedom, care, and support your child needs to create a lifelong foundation of love, learning, and success.