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Age Range:
3 – 4 years
Areas of Learning:

Language & Literacy

Computers & Technology


Did you know that enrolling your child in a quality preschool program is one of the best ways to jumpstart a lifelong love of learning? At The Phoenix Schools, we provide an active-learning environment for preschoolers to explore their world, guided by nurturing teachers who model positive social interaction. Our research-based curriculum ignites strong cognitive functioning. All this is embedded in the natural fun of The Phoenix Schools play-based learning. We know that kids learn from experience, so we offer consistently fun-filled days to get your little one off to an early head start!

Nurturing Confident Young Learners

Preschool is an optimal time for young children to learn positive lifelong attitudes, habits and skills. 90% of the brain develops by age five, so we are very intentional in our preschool program’s aims: develop the whole child’s abilities physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually.[1] We accomplish this through a comprehensive preschool curriculum that focuses on each area of development, laying the foundation for success throughout your child’s educational journey. Our developmental activities include:

  • Brain Games: Preschool is a time for academic concepts to be gradually and easily introduced in an engaging manner, and we get your child thinking about math, science, social studies, and language arts through a variety of super fun games, activities, and exercises.
  • Love of Literacy: Our reading program that begins with infants is continued through preschool, reinforcing a love of language, storytelling, and literacy. Reading and writing are established as basic skills that children love to learn, and kids enjoy picking out books for story time, establishing a lifelong respect for the written word.
  • Spanish Language: Learning Spanish as a second language sets your child up for a variety of benefits in our fast-paced, multilingual world. In our preschool program, we engage children in speaking and listening activities, introducing vocabulary centered around greetings, numbers, food, clothing, animals, and weather. Through constant awareness and repetition, your child naturally learns to speak Spanish early on.
  • Growing Up Fit: We believe very strongly in teaching health habits at a young age, which is why our unique health and fitness program teaches nutritional recipes and the importance of exercise. Through fun and challenging activities and games, your child enjoys the advantage of establishing healthy habits early.
  • Technology Time: In today’s modern society, children are exposed to technology at a young age, and in our preschool program, we teach a healthy relationship to the gadgets and devices that are a constant part of daily life. We utilize computers to practice our language, literacy, math, and science lessons in supervised group settings.

How We Engage Preschool Students

  • Speaking and Listening: Conversation is a large part of language development, and our excellent teachers are constantly interacting with preschoolers to establish long-lasting social language skills. A steady stream of new words and ideas, along with thoughtful questions and answers, helps your little one build essential brain-cell connections that strengthen as he or she grows.
  • Confidence & Decisions: Building on the independence cultivated in our early learners program, preschoolers are encouraged to establish a sense of self through regular decision making and choosing activities. We know every child is different, so we have multiple learning centers that speak to diverse interests and personalities, challenging and delighting little learners as they grow into firm individuals.
  • Dramatic Play: Social interaction, imagination, movement, and fun abound when kids have the opportunity to create rich new worlds with our props, backdrops, and costumes. Children love both our planned and spontaneous activities that spark creativity, inventiveness, and innovation.
  • Fine Motor Development: As your little one’s muscles and coordination develops, we’re there to provide a safe, supervised environment for exploration and discovery. Our preschool curriculum incorporates stretching, jumping, and challenging exercises to help your child gain confidence in his or her growing physical abilities.

Partnering with Parents

Like every one of our daycare programs, we make the parent-teacher partnership a priority during preschool. Your young one is learning so much every day that we make sure to keep you fully updated of his or her progress. Together, we assess your child as an individual and set out learning plans and objectives, so that preschool is a magical time of laughter, love, and learning—creating a solid base of successful habits that lets your child blossom for many years to come.